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Thursday, 21 February 2013

just a story

Once upon a time,there is a lovely princess with bless and love from the great king and queen. The princess's name is Anne and she is a well-educated and very passionated person. When she achieved 18 years old,the king want to marry her with any of the prince to widen their kingdom. Many prince and ordinary men adore her but she does not has any commitment towards married life. She keep with her thought and make her parents so angry and frustrated with her. Eventually,the king sent her to an isolated island to cover their shame and say that she is died because of an accident of a trip. Anne feel so disappointed with her parents and make her feel grudge towards them. In that island, Anne has to survive with minor skill that she had but with her intelligence,she always can think in creative and innovative way. One day,there is a man that come to that island because of lost. Anne just help him in simple way but the man thinks that she is very perfect person as a companion in life. Anne refuse to be his companion but just want him to help her to success in her life and can take revenge towards her kingdom. The man give a suggestion to see a witch that is so powerful to take the fastest way in order to succeed in her revenge. So,they started their new journey to find the great and powerful witch. After some days,they arrived to that scary and horror place but with full of determination,they keep their journey to meet that witch. In order to make her wish accepted,she must give her precious things in life to that witch. The man asks Anne to think very carefully but Anne just accept it without thinking the bad implication of it because of her grudge. Then,the witch give her a power to destroy anythings. Next,they arrive to her kingdom after several months. Anne continuously destroy her kingdom with the power given. Lastly,she go to the palace and destroys and killed her family. Suddenly,she diminished and turn to ashes. This is the precious things in Anne that is her life that is being taken by the witch. The man that accompany Anne saw this scene and be crazy because cannot accept that things.

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